Technology Integraton Support Specialist

New Haven Unified School District

Class Title:

Technology Integraton Support Specialist

Primary Function

Under the direction of the Director of Technology Services and in partnership with the Educational Services Department, develops and provides training to teachers, other trainers and individuals on all technology in the District (includes all administrative and instructional technology); supports schools in the implementation of technology throughout the District; conducts observations and provides feedback to teachers as well as providing formal and informal staff development related to technology; conducts short term and long term projects as assigned on effective use of technology. Trains teachers in deploying technology effectively for classroom instruction and data analysis.

Essential Functions:

  • Will plan and implement new Technology Training programs throughout the school district.
  • Will model high expectations, conduct demonstration lessons, and assist with curriculum development, planning and pacing of the program.
  • Will provide instructional support in technology curriculum and staff development; coordinate staff development programs for various school sites; collaborate with others to identify staff development needs.
  • Will assist district in parent education related to the technology programs.
  • Will assist with formal and informal technology skills assessment and assist staff with analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Will evaluate software in terms of its effectiveness.
  • Will use student performance data in working with staff to develop site goals and plans for improvement of the implementation of technology.
  • Will support and collaborate with site administrators.
  • Will work in collaboration with the site technology resource teachers and with all of Technology Services team members.
  • Will execute and prepare such forms, records, and reports as may be called for in the management of the program. Will participate in the development and implementation of short and long range technology training strategies.
  • Will keep professional skills updated and consistent with current technology services systems and software in use in the district.
  • Attend training sessions, locally or out of town, as appropriate.
  • Will maintain a professional, respectful, and cooperative working relationship with all employees.
  • Will perform other duties as assigned consistent with the district goals and the New Haven Teachers Association contract.

Ability To:

  • Plan and implement new Technology Training programs throughout the district.
  • Provide effective coaching and technical feedback.
  • Assess school climate and culture as they effect the learning environment.
  • Work successfully with administrators, teachers, students, and parents.
  • Provide coherent demonstration lessons and assist staff in providing this same level of instruction.
  • Provide staff development, which fosters sustained instructional improvement.
  • Assist in parent education related to technology programs.
  • Assist staff in assessing, analyzing and interpreting technology data.
  • Evaluate software.
  • Work with staff to develop site goals and plans for improvement of the implementation of technology. Execute and prepare forms, records and reports.
  • Develop and implement short and long range technology training strategies.
  • Attend training sessions. Maintain current knowledge of technological advances in the field.
  • Plan and organize work.
  • Speak and write clearly and effectively.

Education and Experience Required:

  • Any combination equivalent to: bachelor’s degree and college-level course work necessary to complete required credentialing program and three years of successful classroom teaching experience.

Licenses and Other Requirements

  • Valid California Teaching Credential
  • Valid California Class C driver’s license

Working Conditions


  • Office and classroom environment
  • Driving a vehicle to conduct work


  • Certificated Salary Schedule

How to Apply


The application process is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Browse New Haven US job listings and submit an online application on Ed-Join.
  2. When the hiring principal is ready to interview, applicants will be considered and may be selected to interview.
  3. If selected to interview, you will be contacted by the school to set an appointment.
  4. Once you have interviewed, if you are selected for the position, you will be contacted by the personnel department. If you are not selected for the position, you will be notified by the school.