Coordinator, Special Services

New Haven Unified School District


To assist the Director of Special Services in the administration and coordination of the special education program.


  • Directly responsible to the Director of Special Services.
  • Directly responsible for the supervision of special services staff in the IEP process and in professional development.


  • Coordinates the development and implementation of IEPs in district special education programs.
  • Reviews IEPs for quality standards with the special education staff.  
  • Assures that legal and due process requirements are met in eligibility and placement determinations.
  • Coordinates placements of special education students.
  • Coordinates special education staff development within the district and SELPA.
  • Provides for the development of new models and programs in special education.
  • Provides assistance for special education teachers in modifying and implementing the core curriculum.
  • Assists in the evaluation process of special education staff.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Planning, organization, and direction of programs and activities
  • Fundraising and grant development
  • Community development
  • Principles and techniques of budget preparation and control
  • Theory and practice related to student learning and educational measurement
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Principles and practices of administration, supervision, evaluation and training
  • Applicable laws, codes, regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy


  • Management Salary Range 45
  • 225 day work year

How to Apply


The application process is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Browse New Haven US job listings and submit an online application on Ed-Join.
  2. When the hiring principal is ready to interview, applicants will be considered and may be selected to interview.
  3. If selected to interview, you will be contacted by the school to set an appointment.
  4. Once you have interviewed, if you are selected for the position, you will be contacted by the personnel department. If you are not selected for the position, you will be notified by the school.