Budget Prioritization Tool


The spreadsheet functionalities do not work on smartphones/mobile phones, or using Google Sheets.

The Tool uses Excel spreadsheet in order for all the embedded formulas to function. It has been tested with:

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows
  • Microsoft Excel 14 for Mac 2011 (part of Office 2011 for Mac)
  • Microsoft Excel 15 (part of Office 2016 for Mac)

The tool may not work with older versions of Excel.

Once you have completed your recommendations using the Budget Prioritization Tool, please email your spreadsheet to: cbo@nhusd.k12.ca.us.


Note on Assumptions used in the Tool

Employee costs include statutory benefits: 20.85% for Certificated, and 31.60% for Classified.

Full-time, Classified Non-Management employees are entitled to cash in lieu of health benefits, and unlike with teachers and administrators, it’s separate from the salary schedule, in the amount of $23,798.

For a tutorial on how to use the Budget Tool, click here.